FTS Capabilities

  • Thin film etch and deposition process optimization
  • DC sputter process optimization
  • Reflected power problems
  • Tool and chamber matching
  • Process development
  • Obsolete RF equipment retrofit to current technology
  • RF filter design and prototyping
  • Custom RF and DC coaxial power cables
  • RF match and power supply repair resources
  • RF system configuration
  • RF test and triage measurement equipment
  • Training and workshops


At FTS, we realize the importance of our trusted partners, and proudly use their products and services to give you the best that is available. 

Some of them are:

netMercury - Sales and Serviceshttps://www.netmercury.net/

SemiTorr Group - Sales and Services - http://www.semitorrinc.com/

Trewmac - TE series RF vector analyzershttp://www.impedanceanalyzer.com.au/

Sidelinesoft - Custom scientific software services and the NL series of circuit simulators  - www.sidelinesoft.com/

TRU  Corporation - Coaxial cables and connectors - http://www.trucorporation.com/