Plasma Process and Equipment Optimization Experts


The Heart of the Issue

We are experts at distilling complex plasma process problems down to the fundamental issue quickly and cost effectively.


Teach a Man to Fish

We provide comprehensive, on-site classes tailored to your industry that instill long-term knowledge and skills to enhance internal problem solving. Allow us the opportunity to make you an RF expert.


What They Say

  • "Plasma processing can be very tricky, and can cause problems that are difficult to locate or understand. Carl is the fellow to help you understand, and correct those problems."

    - Thomas Engstedt- CEO
    Advanced Vacuum Systems AB

  • "What makes Carl special beyond his unsurpassed technical knowledge is his outgoing personality that creates solid relationships across all people in an organization."

    - Eric Freihauf-
    Global Services Marketing Manager
    Advanced Energy

  • "Carl's a pleasure to work with and makes understanding RF theory and equipment easier. He's increased our dept's RF knowledge and solved complicated RF issues with our semiconductor equipment."

    - Dave Davis- IMR Lab RF engineer

  • "Carl enables us to support issues more quickly when manpower is thin. He provides complex vacuum system RF applications, obsolete product retrofits, and RF vacuum process training."

    - Steve Hansen- Technical Support
    Advanced Energy

  • "Carl's interpersonal talents and technical skills are unique assets for R&D activities, trouble-shooting, or technology development involving complex interactions of RF and advanced plasma processes."

    - Robert Chebi- MEMS Etch Program Manager
    Applied Materials

  • "Carl's can-do attitude and no-nonsense good nature allows for quick and accurate resolve. He always has the best interest of our clients in mind and is one of the most honest and reliable persons I have ever known."

    - Mark Seeman- Regional Sales Manager
    Huettinger Electronic, Inc.

  • "Carl is our go-to expert for RF related challenges. He is ALWAYS eager to help, providing solutions with immediate impact and high value."

    - Randy Thompson- Regional Sales Manager