Frontier Technical Services is a small company that provides solutions in the area of plasma-based thin films deposition and etch technologies used in semiconductors, solar cells and industrial thin-film coating manufacturing. FTS specializes in equipment and process development, troubleshooting and enhancing customer equipment to meet the ever-increasing requirements needed to remain competitive without large capital investment. FTS is also actively engaged in educating customer's technical staff by delivering formal courses in this arena to improve resident skill levels.

Carl Almgren, Consulting Engineer

As the principal Consulting Engineer of Frontier Technical Services, Carl leads the designing, building, and optimization of plasma etch and sputtering equipment. His expertise in process and equipment enhancement and RF sensor data acquisition is unparalleled in the industry. He holds four industry patents with others in the application process, has several publications in the field, and has an array of experience and education in power delivery, chemistry, and plasma dynamics in application areas that span from solar cell production to the use of RF energy for surgical applications. 

With a career spanning some 40 years in the semiconductor and high-technology power delivery industry, Carl has held a variety of plasma-based engineering positions at Motorola, AT+T, and Advanced Energy. In these jobs, he has completed such diverse projects as the building and running of a plasma applications research laboratory, working with an applications development team for RF sensor technology, and developing, transferring, and sustaining plasma etch processes. 

Carl has written and taught a variety of product-specific and concept-oriented courses for customers, including RF power fundamentals, plasma process, and RF sensor technology. He also routinely works with customers as a technical resource for troubleshooting problems and facilitating RF system redesigns. 

When not in the lab, you can find Carl on the ski slopes or biking through Colorado.

List of Past and Current Clients

(P.S. Don’t complain if these companies have changed names or gone under. I can’t even keep up with them)

Advanced Energy
Analog Instruments
Applied Materials 
Atmel - now Microchip
Avago Technologies - now Broadcom
Covidien - now Medtronic
Fairchild - now ON Semiconductor
GE Solar
IBM - now Global Foundries 

Infinite Power Solutions - acquired by Apple
ITN Energy Systems
LSI Logic
Motorola - turned to Freescale, and Freescale Semiconductor is now NXP
National Semiconductor - Now TI
Novellus - now Lam Research
ON Semiconductor
Skyworks Solutions
Texas Instruments
Triquint Semiconductor - now Qorvo